Cyanide Blood Bowl VS Fummbl

Yesterday I bought Cyanide´s Blood Bowl.  I was going to get Fall Out 3 but they were fresh out of it, so I decided I´d give some of my hard earned money to Jervis Jonson. I have only played 2 games so far, but I´m not exactly impressed. The graphics are kind of cool, but…

Madrid – Lavapies

Madrid – Lavapies, originally uploaded by Mr.FoxTalbot. Pues eso: Buscando “Lavapies Madrid” me he encontrado mi propia foto aquí. Acreditada, pero poco, y sin haberme avisado. Así que me he propuesto mejorar ese posicionamiento.

Manahttan, uso mixto

10 Junio – 27 Septiembre 2010 “Museo Reina Sofia” Madrid Ese toque de flash, muy bien! Cindy Sherman Cindy Sherman! La pobre no tenía artíuclo en la wikipedia española. Hasta hoy. La Señorita X, wondering about Zoe Leonard´s photos. Sigue sin gustarnos Zoe Leonard / We still don´t like Zoe Leonard

Multiplayer content creation

Gangs of flickr users, wikipedia editors, hardware testers, google earth building modellers. Flash mob content generators.

Lance Wolf – Jerusalem 2008

I met him at Faisal Hostel, Jerusalem, in 2008. Lance Wolf – Jerusalem 2008, originally uploaded by Mr.FoxTalbot. Teens suspected of beating U.S. Jew to death in Jerusalem Suspects allegedly attacked Lance Wolf, 60, because he refused to give them a cigarette; Victim lay bleeding for 50 minutes before anyone called for help. Two East…