Braun Paxette IIM (1956) & Negativos de Vicente Gómez García

I have received my grandad’s camera and negative archive.

By 1954 both models were being advertised in the British Journal Photographic Almanac. The cameras bear no identifying model number, but they can be easily distinguished from each other because the Paxette has a fixed lens, while the lens is interchangeable on the Paxette II.

The first Paxettes made by Braun were simple viewfinder cameras, with the Paxette dating from 1950, the Paxette II being introduced slightly later.

Paxette History at

I found the manual here.

Ver el PDF con el manual completo

These negatives include many images I had not previously scanned, but a lot of them are already available here.

My grandfather did not own a 6×6 camera, so these beautiful early 1960s slides must have been shot on a borrowed camera.
Este es mi abuelo: Esta foto estaba separada, dentro de un pequeño sobre.
This slide depicting my grandpa had been put aside, it was on a small envelope.

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