Berlin Wall Scrapbook

“Life behind the Berlin Wall | Thomas Hoepker”: Photographs & narration by Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker.

…they represent at least a try of what mankind could do but failed bitterly and brutally. In some aspects it was a dream which was shattered, people believed in socialism for a while and so many were disappointed.

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The town has two beaches (Itzurun and Santiago), which are of interest to geologists because they are situated among the longest set of continuous rock strata in the world. Known locally as the “flysch” they date from the mid-cretaceous period to the present, a time period of over 100 million years. The K-T boundary is present at the Itzurun beach, and fossils can be found, notably of ammonites. The strata stretches along a distance of about 8 km, between the towns/beaches of Deba and Getaria, with Zumaia lying in the middle.

Zumaia – Wikipedia
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20 things to do in Google Earth

Bajarse al Moro en Google Earth
Bajarse al Moro en Google Earth
  • Seach location
  • Hide or display names and labels.
  • Hide the sidepanel
  • Zoom in and out
  • Sift camera angle
  • Mountains!
  • 3D Models of Buildings, including:
  • Camera position and angle fine tuning (shift drag VS ctrl drag)
  • Light!
  • Underwater terrain
  • La Palma, Fogo, Islas Aukland, Fiordos, Sitka, el Himalaya, Siberia.
  • Fly
  • Overlays! KML & KMZ
  • Paleogeográfico, densidad de población, fronteras que ya no existen, guerras. Sistema Solar (Celestia)
  • La Luna? Marte?
  • Elegir fecha. El paso del tiempo.
  • Los cuadraditos de alta resolución.
  • Medición y rutas (google maps streetview).
  • Copiar y pegar coordenadas desde wikipedia.
  • Espiar a China (y aquí)
  • Ver el efecto de la subida del nivel del mar

Google Earth Streetview/3D integration

La última versión de Google Earth ha integrado el StreetView con la vista 3D y puedes pasar de una a la otra. Bastante molón.