Celestia Crash Tutorial

Open source 3D astronomy program. Uses real photos on top of 3D models.
It has a huge database of stars (with distance, size and temperature data) and even galaxies!.
People of the world:dowload it

2040 SEPT 06
view from earth - 2040 SEPT
Earth & Moon - I can see my house!
inner solar systema- 2040 SEPT
Europa, Io, Adrastea, Jupiter
Jupiter and its moons Io and Europa
Local Group (home, sweet home)
Local Group (home, sweet home)


Tilt camera

Change zoom

Orbits and Labels (B Stars  P Planets M Moons E Galaxies)

Grid ;

Constellations /

Enter, type,  go to

1-8 planets, H Sol

Time speed +K,- L Reverse J

Follow F, Sync orbit Y and the other one

F10 screenshot

Increase/decrease luminosity [ ] { } ( )

Celestia Shortcuts

20 things to do in Google Earth

Bajarse al Moro en Google Earth
Bajarse al Moro en Google Earth
  • Seach location
  • Hide or display names and labels.
  • Hide the sidepanel
  • Zoom in and out
  • Sift camera angle
  • Mountains!
  • 3D Models of Buildings, including:
  • Camera position and angle fine tuning (shift drag VS ctrl drag)
  • Light!
  • Underwater terrain
  • La Palma, Fogo, Islas Aukland, Fiordos, Sitka, el Himalaya, Siberia.
  • Fly
  • Overlays! KML & KMZ
  • Paleogeográfico, densidad de población, fronteras que ya no existen, guerras. Sistema Solar (Celestia)
  • La Luna? Marte?
  • Elegir fecha. El paso del tiempo.
  • Los cuadraditos de alta resolución.
  • Medición y rutas (google maps streetview).
  • Copiar y pegar coordenadas desde wikipedia.
  • Espiar a China (y aquí)
  • Ver el efecto de la subida del nivel del mar

Hyperfocal distance graph – Distancia Hiperfocal

How close to focus and still have it all in focus.
Hyperfocal distance - Distancia hiperfocal 

Hyperfocal distance graph, originally uploaded by Mr.FoxTalbot.

1) If we focus too close the distant part of the image will not be in focus
2) If we focus too far away we are “wasting” some dept of field and giving up focus in the foregroud
3) By calculating the exact hyperfocal distance we make the most of the available depth of field.

Here is a great tool for working out distances (just adjust it to match your camera type, lens  & f-stop)