Testing Google Docs for WordPress

Let´s give it a try:



So, yeah. Let´s try a few wacky things.

UPDATE 2: text sizes and colors don´t seem to be working

UPDATE 3: It only works one way, if you edit the post on wp.com, the Google Doc file remains the same :/

Update 4 : Paragraph alignment does not work either but it does detect headings right!  Continue reading Testing Google Docs for WordPress

Building a website with WordPress II (IED 2017/03/15)

Today we will build your website, using your actual content and have it ready at the en of the class, hopefully, for you to continue adding content in the future.

In case you need them, you can find more resources on how to get started here.

I try to user as few technical terms as possible, but here is a detailed Glossary in case you need it.

Calypso VS WP-Admin

The blueish editor we have been using so far is called “Calypso” and is a simplified version fo the normal editor. Today we will be using WordPress´s advanced administrator which you can access by typing /wp-admin after your website´s main domain (www.mrfoxtalbot.wordpress.com/wp-admin) or by clicking here:  Continue reading Building a website with WordPress II (IED 2017/03/15)

Building a website with WordPress (IED 2017/03/08)


My name is Alvaro Gómez Velasco and I have been using WordPress since 2010. I collaborate with translations, speaking at events, coordinating the Madrid WordPress meetup and I am currently part of the team that is organizing WordCamp Madrid 2017. I have taught WordPress at La Bagatela, MrMarcell School and La Fábrica. There is more information on my Linkedin profile. You can also follow me on twitter, I go by MrFoxTalbot everywhere.

  • Introduce yourselves briefly.
  • Do you have any previous experience building or managing websites?
  • What do you know about WordPress?
  • What would you like to be able to build in this course?

About WordPress

  • CMS: HTML+CSS+JS (front) PHP+MYSQL (back)
  • 27% of the internet
  • All kinds of uses
  • Free software

What is free software and why it is important

  • 4 Freedoms
  • Democratize web publishing
  • Own your content
  • Community: transparency: security
  • Anyone can help (forums, translations) > Sign up on http://www.WordPress.org today!

Continue reading Building a website with WordPress (IED 2017/03/08)

Vida y muerte de un plugin de WordPress: Lightbox Plus Colorbox by Dan Zappone

Este plugin lo usé durante años para hacer los lightboxes en docenas de instalaciones, seguramente os suene. Era completito, ligero y estable. Allá por mayo de 2016, de la noche a la mañana desapareció del repo pero nada más. Lo busqué por ahí pero no encontré ninguna noticia al respecto de por qué había desaparecido.

El caso es que tenía una vulnerabilidad y como el autor no la parcheó en un tiempo se eliminó del respositorio. Y yo me he enterado ahora por un hilo y de casualidad. Continue reading Vida y muerte de un plugin de WordPress: Lightbox Plus Colorbox by Dan Zappone

Black Mirror, Asimov´s laws of robotics and Anchovy Face.

So, I was watching Black Mirror´s “Hated in the nation” (spoilers ahead). I´d say it has been my favorite episode so far in season 3. I found it a lower key and was more realistic (and hence scarier) than previous episodes in this third season. Continue reading Black Mirror, Asimov´s laws of robotics and Anchovy Face.